SRAM Acquires Hammerhead (maker of Karoo Bicycle Desktops)

It’s been declared now that Hammerhead (maker of the Karoo 2) has been acquired by SRAM for an undisclosed volume. The sale was formally concluded back again on December 30th, 2021, while it is only being announced today. Both firms say that correctly very little will change, at least for the brief time period in any case. Down the street, Hammerhead simply claims that they’ll “work with SRAM to establish potential opportunities”. Hammerhead will be operated as a standalone manufacturer in SRAM’s portfolio, around akin to what we see with Zipp, Quarq, etc…

Nonetheless, this is gonna have huge ramifications for the bicycle computer system industry – each buyers and other opponents. For their competitors, the information will unquestionably give them heartache, likely extra so Wahoo and Phases than Garmin. Inversely, individuals really should be celebrating this. Hammerhead’s been executing some amazing things in excess of the last yr specially, and unquestionably this will support additional that aim. There is only so significantly you can do with limited assets to compete with the means of a corporation like Garmin’s dimension, and this will unquestionably help all those endeavours.

Now, prior to we get to some of that investigation, here’s a slew of things I’ve confirmed with Hammerhead & SRAM:

  • No variations for individuals for points like assistance, etc… all of that stays with Hammerhead
  • No adjustments for dealers/distributors, that will stay with Hammerhead (nevertheless truthfully, I never think that for a longer time-phrase – the main position of a consolidated brand is simplicity of distributor accessibility, and which is a thing that SRAM does seriously well these days throughout their brand names)
  • I requested regardless of whether Hammerhead would leverage SRAM’s computer software divisions, and they stated not – specifically “Hammerhead staffing and advancement groups will not transform. The acquisition structure implies Hammerhead will be able to concentrate 100% on innovation and item to ideal provide shoppers.”
  • They verified all personnel are currently being retained (no one is dropping their jobs)
  • They confirmed their current corporation places will not adjust
  • They confirmed all current production amenities/partnerships will continue being the very same (this is shocking to me, so we’ll have to see about this down the road – however SRAM does not make Android phones, so they almost certainly don’t have far better associates now in that spot)
  • They confirmed all existing buyers were fully bought out as section of this. You will remember that Lance Armstrong’s financial investment group was one of individuals investors (of lots of)
  • Lastly, they confirmed that Chris Froome will carry on to be concerned with the corporation “as a friend of the brand and as a member of Israel – Premier Tech workforce.”

In other text, just about nothing at all modifications nowadays. In simple fact, SRAM even went so considerably as to use the identify of their principal competitor, Shimano, in their push launch:

“Together, SRAM and Hammerhead will continue to develop an modern cycling know-how platform making certain riders can seamlessly integrate with a broad wide range of existing hardware and software goods and companies including both Shimano and SRAM electronic shifting.”

In other text, they wished to reassure people today that the Karoo will carry on to get the job done with Shimano Di2 shifting, even if it just can’t report the true info (however?).

Most of this appears to be to be very well summed further more in the release, with them declaring:

“Hammerhead is an incredible brand name with award-winning merchandise, and we do not approach on shifting nearly anything about how they innovate,” SRAM’s VP of Growth, Clint Weber”

Now like most corporate acquisitions, the push release tends to be relatively bland. Commonly, you will only choose up a single or two helpful tidbits in there, with the remainder remaining circular company converse. And truthfully, that was quite considerably the exact same here. It incorporated phrases like “Moving forward, Hammerhead will join the cycling experience” – what does that indicate? Link with what?

Nevertheless, there was this line merchandise that caught my eye:

“SRAM saw remarkable prospective in Hammerhead right after the award-winning cycling GPS computer (the Karoo 2) strike the industry in late 2020 and landed on the handlebars of a lot of of the world’s best athletes. In just the last year, Hammerhead attained 7x profits growth and their neighborhood of riders have clocked more than a million hrs of gravel, concrete, and trails protected.”

This is intriguing for the reason that they generally didn’t commence transport models until December 2020, while, most of these were from pre-orders in summer 2020. For standard sales, it was all from Q1 2021 that you could in fact acquire one. And amongst January and Summer 2020 – you couldn’t obtain any models at all (they experienced sold all their previous Karoo’s). So for them to basically 7X their pre-order interval is robust, since pre-orders durations are likely to be enormous spikes.

Inversely, a ‘million’ (singular) several hours basically isn’t that substantially in the grand plan of points. So I’m not sure what to make of that. Still, I like random quirky stats, and this was one particular of them.

Going Ahead:


In any circumstance, the appealing bits are what comes upcoming. Clearly, this presents Hammerhead massive quantities of income to work with, but also deeper engineering expertise, as very well as extra athlete sponsorship chances. All all those person and group athletes that SRAM has? You can wager by upcoming 12 months they’ll mainly be on Hammerhead bike personal computers (most stuff for this year will currently have been finalized months ago).

And when Hammerhead talks about their enhancement crew remaining, SRAM has a deep bench of the two application and hardware engineers that’ll undoubtedly get leveraged. Even if it’s for trivial things, like guaranteeing greater compliance with ANT+ & Bluetooth Criteria, locations in which SRAM is intensely associated.

But the real concern is how this will accelerate Hammerhead’s software program and components designs. The business has by now become the crystal clear chief in computer software update frequency, releasing updates about each 2 months, generally with at the very least a number of new capabilities. Lots of are compact features, but around the system of a 12 months, it provides up. For illustration, I’ve now filmed my ‘Wahoo vs Garmin vs Hammerhead’ Climbing Bakeoff video four occasions, for the reason that by some means, inexplicably, the following day after I film it, Hammerhead arrives out with new climbing features. Presented I re-filmed it very last 7 days, I presume in a several minutes I’ll get a notification about new climbing performance that voids my online video all over again.

From a competitiveness standpoint, they’ll continue on to take generally minimal bites out of Garmin’s sales. As a substitute, I think they are mainly drawing revenue away from Wahoo, who mainly has not produced substantially in the way of new software attributes for their ELEMNT sequence bicycle computers. But Wahoo’s energy is consumers’ brand recognition and neighborhood features, something which is considerably harder to compete towards than pure technical wizardry.

Last but not least, my personal hope listed here is to see Hammerhead produce a Karoo 2 Mini, or what ever you want to contact it. A thing akin to an Edge 530 sequence system in sizing, but with the exact same capabilities and show as the Karoo 2. Moreover of course, better smartphone connectivity. I mean, just indicating if this is a would like record – those are my two.

In the meantime, I’m energized about this – and consider this is great information for people. Far more alternative is generally fantastic, and in this circumstance, this empowers Hammerhead to give us all additional alternatives (and additional capabilities).

With that – many thanks for reading through!