Simple Hardware Change For OS Dualbooting, Many thanks To RP2040

Dualbooting your computer system can be a chore, the far more switching amongst OSes you have to do – which is why virtualization or acquiring separate computers are the go-to for lots of. Failing that, we have no preference but to sleek above our dualbooting encounter with different workarounds and helpers. [William Somsky] shares one particular this sort of helper device with us – an stylish unit created with a RP2040-sporting TinyPICO board and a 3-way rocker swap, directing GRUB to boot into possibly Home windows or Linux instantly, or leave us with the standard boot menu. This way, you can just flip the change, strike “reboot” and walk away, coming back again to your Personal computer booted into OS of your decision, as a substitute of timing your presence just so that you can catch the boot menu on time.

All you want to do is to solder a rocker swap to your RP2040 board of selection, then flash the RP2040 with code that detects the point out of the change, and generates a mass storage device web hosting a file placing a Grub variable to both a single of the , 1 or 2. [William] describes his journey, fighting mysterious caching issues, but tells us he received it functioning in the close. Regrettably, [William] hasn’t shared the RP2040-side code with us, but he has at minimum place the Grub’s customized.cfg file in the ‘Files’ section of the challenge.

Easily available microcontrollers with mass storage functions confident enable make such hacks uncomplicated – earlier, we have viewed dualboot switching like this performed by modifying assembly code of the MBR. Dualbooting is a hacker’s ceremony of passage, and specified OSes of late can make it more difficult than other ones. Even if you really do not want to dualboot your Computer system, nevertheless, you sure can dualboot an Arduino!