Program compressors vs hardware compressors… 10 of the most effective

The compressors most of us use are program plugins that come with our DAWs, and they do a great position. The overall flexibility to be able to place as many compressors as we like, any where in the audio chain, at any time, is the kind of luxurious the engineers who blended most of our favorite common tunes could only dream of.

But these simple application compressor plugins bear no relation by any means to the components compressors that all those identical engineers however use in their mixing suitable up to the current working day. These days, it is fairly quick to mathematically outline a compressor in terms of ratio, attack and launch occasions, and so on, and construct a plugin that slavishly follows that definition. 

Again in the golden age of audio, nevertheless, that was not the way points were being finished. Compressors were being crafted with electronic parts – transistors, resistors, amplifiers and valves – and these elements simply just could not give the infinite management and flexibility that a computer can, so coming up with compressors was a fine art, a continuous method of balancing the complex needs of the hardware against sounds, headroom and charge. 

If you hear to a basic digital compressor with a ratio of 1:1, the chances are its output will seem just the similar as what you set in, even at a large level. A compressor this sort of as the vintage Fairchild 670, having said that, makes use of no less than 20 valves. This implies that even when it is not compressing points, its output may possibly effectively cause all kinds of pretty colouration and sonic alterations that have almost nothing to do with compression. 

It is ‘extras’ these as these that explain why large-identify engineers love the audio of their costly racks of analogue components. Nonetheless, an expanding range of software emulations from the likes of UA, Waves, Softube and quite a few a lot more will supply terrific emulations of this hardware and are a terrific route into the planet of ‘proper’ compression, without the need of the extortionate cost tags of that common equipment.

5 of the finest hardware compressors

(Picture credit score: Clean up Bandit)

A superb hardware compressor with a really speedy assault. Seems fantastic on drums, or vocals and bass with a slower assault and release.

(Picture credit rating: Teletronix)

A typical model now re-issued by Universal Audio, showcasing a option of transformer or optical compression, as well as valve amplification for warmth. Good on vocals and bass. 

Fairchild 670 Valve Limiter

(Image credit rating: Potential)

Includes additional than 20 valves! Pioneered by Geoff Emerick on the Beatles’ recordings. Great on vocals, drums, or anything else, if you can afford it, that is…

(Picture credit rating: DBX)

The dbx 160 is a common vocal compressor. It’s quickly and clear, but choose care it does not distort the sign.

SSL G-Collection Learn Compressor

This archetypal two-buss compressor is fantastic for gluing factors together. Blend by way of it but really do not whack it on afterwards, and be prepared to commit time discovering it.

5 of the finest program compressors

(Picture credit rating: Arturia)

Emulations of the Urei 1176 (Comp FET76), DBX 165A (VCA65) and Gates Sta-Degree (Tube-STA). A classy, reliable trio of bona-fide audio engineering classics.

Something of an market typical in the world of plugins. It is more high-priced, but view out for promo delivers on the Waves website.

UA 175-B and 176 Tube Compressor Assortment

An additional established of emulations of basic gear, this time the all-valve forerunners to Monthly bill Putnam’s far more popular 1176 design and style.

PSP Audioware and oldTimer MB

(Graphic credit history: PSP Audioware)

A multiband variation of PSP’s multipurpose oldTimer ME, with 3 frequency-confined circumstances of the compressor enabling intricate processing responsibilities. 

What you previously have

(Picture credit rating: Apple)

Most modern day DAWs this kind of as Logic, Professional Tools, Cubase etcetera will do a terrific work of controlling dynamics. Make sure you’ve mastered these prior to splashing the hard cash on pricey possibilities, but don’t count on components character from them. 

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