Metro Detroit school districts cancel classes over social media posts

In the wake of a shooting at Oxford High School that left four students dead, multiple Metro Detroit school districts are canceling classes Thursday and some Friday amid reports of social media messages some have interpreted as threatening similar violence, officials said.

The Troy School District on Wednesday night said it had learned about a Snapchat message “where a student in Rochester speculated about a rumored threat to a school in Rochester or Troy. A similar message is being circulated throughout Oakland County replacing ‘Troy’ with the name of another district,” spokeswoman Kerry Birmingham said in an emailed statement.

Memorial items are shown on the sign of Oxford High School in Oxford on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021. Ethan Crumbley, a 15-year-old sophomore, is accused of opening fire at the school, killing four students and wounding seven others, including a teacher.

“Law enforcement has investigated this situation and determined that there is no validity to the rumor. However, additional rumors of threats have begun circulating, causing fear and anxiety for parents, students and staff.”

The district has opted to cancel classes as well as all programs and activities “to exercise an abundance of caution,” Birmingham wrote. 

“We understand the very real pressure and fear that our students are feeling and know that our parents and staff are equally concerned. We are very thankful to the students who brought this to our attention. That was absolutely the right thing to do so that we could work with authorities to investigate and take appropriate action.”