Floyd Alexander-Hunt: the 10 funniest matters I have at any time viewed (on the world wide web) | Comedy

I have an all or absolutely nothing romance with the internet. I am either offering it my undivided consideration with 227 tabs open up, or I am asleep. See? All or practically nothing. I attempt to established boundaries with my world-wide-web usage but I’m also unable to follow by means of on matters. Every single night I delete the Instagram app off my cell phone and then each and every evening I go on it by using Safari. I’m like a drug addict who throws away their drugs only to go and smoke crack in an alley 30 minutes later on.

The world-wide-web can be a position of pleasure but it can also be a place the place embarrassing reminiscences pop up on your Fb. What is that characteristic called yet again? Ah sure, parents. When compiling this list I thought of including screenshots of my divorced moms and dads commenting on the same put up but not being in a position to see just about every other’s feedback due to the fact they’ve blocked one yet another. But here are some other items I find humorous.

1. Jenny by Flight of the Conchords

These two are masters of the craft and have Kiwi accents. What’s not to enjoy? Also this music is about pretending to know somebody who claims they know you – something I do all the time. Not due to the fact I’m renowned but mainly because people today say I have a truly acquainted (exceedingly generic) facial area.

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Only introverts will obtain this amusing but I do not care because extroverts should be out socialising, not looking at this posting! Losers!

3. This father dancing with his daughter

This father-daughter duo, Michael and Ali Hoffman, are driving one particular of my favorite films. It reminds me of my father and my teenage sister, who are two of the funniest men and women I know and annoyingly great dancers. They generally commit to a little bit with the depth of this dad at 2 minutes 45 seconds in.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in audio composition, and can attest I have in no way witnessed any one play percussion as passionately as this gentleman with his mallet. The BA mention may perhaps seem pointless (not as pointless as majoring in music composition), but it does qualify me to say that this movie is doubly amusing mainly because he hits the cellist in the experience ON THE Defeat.

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Children acquiring terms mistaken is under no circumstances not humorous. My brother used to simply call elephants “onks” until finally he clarified: “They’re not known as onks, they are referred to as alphelants!” I in some cases imagine that if I’d corrected him previously he’d have turned out smarter (or by no means joined CrossFit), but we just can’t improve the past, can we.

Expressing you do not like Beyoncé is like indicating you really do not like dessert: you are only lying to your self. This Saturday Evening Dwell sketch reminds me of the time my friend was interviewed by a major pop radio station and claimed she didn’t like new music. They addressed her like Andrew Garfield in this sketch and you know what? Truthful adequate.

This song from Mad Ex-Girlfriend beautifully encapsulates how I feel about finding all set. It’s unpleasant and unfair that males get to get there as they are. I’ve intentionally stopped placing work in so that men and women are speechless when I change up with dry hair, or tied shoelaces. I’m not about remaining a incredibly hot feminine comedian … I’m all about becoming a rich feminine comedian. (Buy tickets to my exhibit.)

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This Tiktok is the energy we all want likely forward. It does not make a difference if you mess up, as extended as you provide the ending … and are a baby.

Did I forget about to mention I was a little one star? Kidding, but I was the confront of Suggestion Major bread in New Zealand. This is humorous simply because I am now gluten intolerant.

As a persistent persons pleaser, I would like I experienced an anger translator with me at all moments. Keegan-Michael Critical is so amusing in this sketch and the reality that Obama doesn’t break is a wonder.

  • Floyd Alexander is a comic and writer. You can comply with her on Instagram and see her exhibit Hugely Strung at Melbourne intercontinental comedy competition, Sydney comedy competition, Perth comedy festival and Brisbane comedy pageant.