Are Apple Hoping To Patent The Residence Personal computer 45 A long time As well Late?

In our new piece marking the 10th anniversary of the Raspberry Pi, we praised their all-in-a person Raspberry Pi 400 laptop for owning so significantly succeeded in attracting no competing products. It appears to be that assessment could possibly be untimely, mainly because it emerges that Apple have submitted a patent software for “A personal computer in an input unit” that appears very considerably like the Pi 400. In simple fact we’d go more than that, it looks incredibly substantially like any of a amount of basic property personal computers from back in the working day, to the extent that we’re remaining pondering what just Apple feel is novel ample to patent.

Seems very related to us.

Studying the patent it appears to be a transparent capture-all for all-in-a single pcs, with the doable exception of “A singular enter/output port“, meaning that the only port on the unit would be a one USB-C port that could acquire ability, converse with peripherals, and drive the exhibit. Possibly way, this seems an incredibly weak claim of novelty, if only mainly because we believe that a handful of of the more current Android phones with keyboards could represent prior artwork.

We’re certain that Apple’s legal professionals will have their arguments at the ready, but we just can’t assistance asking yourself regardless of whether they’ve fallen for the old joke about Apple fanboys professing the organization invented a little something when in actuality they’ve at last adopted it a long time soon after the level of competition.

Contemplating back again to the glory times of 8-bit computer systems for a minute, we’re curious which was the initially to activity a sort component very little larger sized than its keyboard. Apple’s very own Apple ][ would not rely because the bulk of the equipment is driving the keyboard, but for instance equipment these kinds of as Commodore’s VIC-20 or Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum could be mentioned to be all-in-1 keyboard computers. Can anyone supply an all-in-one particular product that predates people two?

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