Apollo Comms Flight Hardware Deep Dive

You no question recall the unbelievable Apollo Assistance Personal computer (AGC) reverse engineering and restoration job highlighted on the CuriousMarc YouTube channel a few several years ago. Perfectly, [Marc] and the group are at it again, this time restoring the Apollo Unified S-Band monitoring and interaction program flight hardware. As usually, the task is well documented, thoroughly stated, full of troubles, and is continuing slowly but surely irrespective of the deficiency of documentation.

Like the steering personal computer, the Unified S-Band technique was very revolutionary for its working day — able to observe, supply voice communications, obtain television indicators, and send out commands to and keep track of the wellness of the spacecraft via telemetry. The system operates on 3 frequencies, an uplink made up of ranging code, voice and info. There are two downlinks, a person giving ranging, voice, and telemetry, the other used for television and the playback of recorded knowledge. All crammed into two hefty bins totaling 29 kg.

So considerably, [Marc] has unveiled component 9 of the series (for reference, the Apollo Guidance Personal computer took 27 components additionally 8 auxiliary videos). There appears to be even much less documentation for this machines than the AGC, though miraculously the men retain uncovering extra and a lot more as matters development. Also random items of crucial ground check components hold coming out of the woodwork. It is a fascinating dive into not only the process by itself, but the style and building methods of the period. Be confident to check out out the sequence (portion 1 is below the crack) and stick to together as they bring this program again to daily life. [Marc] is putting up many paperwork similar to the venture on his internet site. And if you skipped the AGC undertaking, here’s the playlist of videos, and the team joined us for a Hackaday Chat back in 2020.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=v49ucdZcx9s